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Review: W Hotel Bali, Seminyak

Hi everyone,

Today I am going to share my review on a luxury hotel aka W Bali Seminyak. I went to Bali last September and I stayed there for 3 days 2 nights. W Bali - Seminyak is 25-45 minutes from Denpasar International Airport. It is a trendy enclave, highly-concentrated with chic restaurants, bars and clubs, fashion designer boutiques, eclectic galleries and furniture making centers.

Beach and seaside
Totally breath-taking, but you cannot swim here

Before going to Bali, I have done quite a lot of research about Bali and asked a lot of acquaintances on their opinion on Bali. Coincidentally, my sis just got back from Bali from her stay-cation with her husband and according to her, nothing interesting there. But, when I arrived Bali, I can say that it is totally mesmerizing and it offers a whole new experience, nothing like Jakarta or Bandung (the only two places that I have been in Indonesia).

Denpasar Airport

I would have to say that I love almost everything in Bali, the people, the culture, the environment, the architecture and everything! It is something that very unique that I don't mind going back again to Bali for stay-cation even though I normally would not want to revisit any places that I have been to because there are sooooo many places else in the world that I can explore. So, why repeat? Right???
Offerings for god
If you see this in Bali, kindly avoid to step on it. This is offerings for god called Canang Sari. It is believed that it will bring them good luck. 

Thanks to AirAsia, my flight delayed and I arrived behind the schedule. The journey from the airport to the hotel was less than one hour and luckily there traffic was smooth. The entrance of the hotel is quite hard to locate since it is in between of several shoplots where you would really won't expect that there's a hotel in between of the small alley of the shoplots.

The passage to the hotel was so small that only one car can be on the road at one time. Then, you will be welcomed to thes unique sensory World of W Bali - Seminyak. A physical reflection of all that is now in architecture, design and technology, W Bali - Seminyak is situated in the trendy and hip entertainment and shopping area of the “Island of Gods” – facing the famous Bali sunset.

Upon our arrival, the hotel served us with wet towel and welcoming drinks. While waiting for the check-in to be settled, we proceed to have our late lunch. It was very nice for the hotel to however still keep some of the food for us.

Overall, the hotel looks very vibrant and colourful with some graffiti on the wall. It is totally different from any other luxury hotels that I have stayed at. It doesn't look like the standard luxury hotels which normally use the same 'hotel-kind-of' colour tones and scheme. But yet, it offers the highest standard of quality and comfort of every other luxury hotels.
Main entrance and the buggy

The graffiti that I have told you. So chic and vibrant

This is the registration counter


Me posing acah-acah

Good for sun-bathing

The wind is quite strong here


The weather here is sunny but windy. Make sure you apply sunblock

The pool that you can hang out with your friends

One of the restaurant. Starfish bloo

Nice and cosy. 

A lot of sofas so that guest can have wide selection of their favorite spots

The view is just spectacular
The check in time for W Hotel Bali is the same as any other hotel which is at 3pm. However, since the booking was made few months in advance, I have requested for early check-in. But it was quite dissapointing when the hotel informed us that due to certain circumstances, the room will only be ready at 6.30pm. However, when I checked with the front office by 8pm, our room is still not ready!! Oh my!!

Being very exhausted with the earlier on flight delay drama, meetings and everything. The late check in made me even more easily irritated since I didn't get to lie down or take a bath or relax first because the room was not ready. Something that irritated me and my roomie further is the non-apologetic reaction by the front office staff when we approached them for a few times. How they behave was like, "Hey, I've told you the room is gonna be ready late, don't you get it?"

Later after that, we finally get our room. However, the room was totally different from the rest of the group. Unlike the rest of the room,  there are no tidbits..  No welcoming notes.. And no spa discount vouchers etc. Upset by this, I raised the issue to the account manager, Stephanie, who was in charge of our group.
I like the bedroom set-up

This is not available in our room! This photo was taken from my friend's room


Table for business travelers

This is not available in our room too!!

Cosy sofa

Balcony with sea view

Nice balcony
The bathroom

Toilet is separated from the bathroom

Love it!

A very huge one

Spacious and trendy

Luckily Stephanie was totally apologetic about this and thus she offered me and my roomie a spa treatment for 2. Thanks Stephanie, after what me and roommate had been through, the spa treatment can really soothe our mind and body.

Away Spa

The ambience

Bar inside the spa

Served with ginger tea if not mistaken

The make-up room


The massage room

Although W Bali Seminyak is located by the seaside, don't expect that you can swim in it. The wave is so huge and the current is so strong that it is well-known for surfing only.

For Muslims solo or small pax traveler, I would have to warn you that the hotel do not provide halal food. They can only cater for halal food if you stay in a larger group. However, the breakfast buffet is standard so, the halal food selection is super limited for breakfast. Taste-wise, I would say that the food is generally acceptable and some are  quite delicious.

This was my dessert on the day I arrived

Yums... I have sweet tooth

Special dinner set-up for us

Say yes to all these tropical fruits


Love this stall set-up

The buffet line

Add caption
Lunch the next day. The fries taste really good

Dessert was splendid

Yummy. Recommended

Creme brulee

Overall, I enjoyed my stay in W Hotel Bali, Seminyak. It was a wonderful experience despite the very late check in. Thanks for having us W Hotel Bali, Seminyak!

Prettily Rare

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  1. The hotel looks really cozy and interesting! There’s so much food and the place look really unique.

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  5. cantiknya tempat , makanan pun sedap2 , jemput singgah ke , sekian " terima kasih " ...

  6. i really like the reception area colour coordination lol.
    mula mula excited baca macam nak masuk list je hotel ni tapi sampai baca late check in untill 6.30pm!! unacceptable la weh. so late! Plus tak ada apa - apa apologies to make up for it.

  7. Omg I want to be summer now! I haven't experience or seen a unpleasant W Resorts, like everything and every property are so amazingly gorgeous. Even their W Buildings in the city are also super modern.

  8. very nice hotel and good info from your blog. W Resorts is some place very awesome after your introduce :)

  9. Such a nice and long post for this W Hotel! The hotel looks really cozy and surround with beach and nature, would really enjoy my stay at here!

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