Thursday 9 August 2018

Different Occasions an Online Florist Can Be Excited About

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I have always love flowers and I have always wonder how does it feel to be an online florist.

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As an entrepreneur, it’s the right attitude to be excited about every occasion—maybe even regular days! It’s a great attitude to be always exited—especially if your business is online—because if you are excited, your followers and other users visiting your website and social media pages will be infected by your excitement and positivity. However, there are just some occasions that have such high demand of flowers, making Best florist Singapore vendors busier than other times of the year. Below are three of the most popular occasions when the flower delivery service is in full bloom.
White Rose

Valentine’s Day
Ah, the month of love. Suitors, couples, lovers, romantics, hopefuls, family, and friends all rush to get their loved ones with a romantic single red rose or a beautiful hand bouquet of their favorite flowers. During Valentine’s Day, usually boring, monochromatic offices become alive with flower delivery. Shops, too, go all out with their balloons and flowers as decorations. Aside from couples, families, and friends celebrating the general concept of love, florists are also busy making flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day events such as speed dating and hearts’ fair. This is more than perfect for flower shop Singapore who can cater to customers who can’t leave their offices or workplaces but still want to give something special to their love ones during the day.

Sending your thoughts of love to one another via Little Flower Hut

Mother’s Day                 
Mothers deserve the world, of course, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy and smell a nice flower bouquet along with their Mother’s Day gift or surprise. Great floral gifts, to give moms on their day are flower bouquets, flower baskets, fruit basket specials, flower and fruit hamper, or a combination of any of these. With these many options there sure are a lot of things that can keep a florist busy during Mother’s Day. One thing to make this even more exciting is to hold discount or sale events for your products and services especially for Mother’s Day.

Little Flower Hut
Flower delivery for your loved ones

Christmas and New Year
When December arrives and the cold air is a welcome indication of the most-awaited holidays, everyone is in the mood for beauty and uplifting cheer. Christmas is special; the holiday calls for all types of decorations, and flowers are at the top of the decoration list. During this time of the year, florists—both those with physical stores and those who thrive online—are busy accommodating Christmas parties, year-end parties, annual reunions, and more. Most of the gigs being booked for the holidays are flower arrangement commissions for such big parties, and a single big event can easily be double or triple your usual income, depending on the size of the event you’re catering.

Given the right promotional campaign for the mentioned occasions, your online floral shop can gain your biggest income for the year just by focusing on the said occasions and holidays.

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