Sunday 29 April 2018

8 Minimal Home Design Ideas for a Stylish HDB

Minimalism is often defined as the reduction of everything to its necessary elements. The main focus in minimalist design is the focus on function over form, rather than form over function. Minimalism is an exercise in restraint, a style that demands the paring down of furnishings to the bare essentials. In essence, it is about finding what you really use and what really is important in life. The decluttering of your space means that you’re left with a curated space that delivers the maximum impact with minimum objects.

A sleek and clean look is a popular look these days. It doesn’t matter if your home is a Toa Payoh HDB or a mansion in Jurong. A clutter-free look is the essential touch for a minimal design style that maximizes your space both visually and functionally. It’s the perfect touch for those who prefer their homes to be fuss-free and stress-free. Sometimes, the simplest aesthetics can product the biggest results.

Here is a host of different ideas to help guide you towards a design style for your HDB that embodies the spirit of minimalism.

1. Muted Monochromes
A monochromatic look is a stylish and chic way to keep your space cohesive. Pick a tone you particularly like and decorate your room in various saturations of the tone. This keeps your space muted and less flashy, emulating the minimalist idea of less is more. Keep your furniture and accessories to the color scheme to maintain a clean and consistent look for your space. For example, a mix of black and white offers a refined, elegant and classy take on minimalism.

Minimalism, however, is not about getting rid of the color in life. You can find in ways to incorporate other colors into a monochrome look. For example, you can add tones of muted grey and black to add a masculine vibe to your space. This works well if with other minimalist design features such as exposed concrete to make your space immaculately sleek and polished.

2. A restrained color palette
Monochrome is not the only color choice for minimalist spaces. A restrained color palette incorporating light colors and understated neutrals is intrinsic to minimalist homes. Stick to light colors such as white and add in dashes of barely-there greys and pretty pastels. If you’re not one to stick to the rules, or if you would like more color, add in brighter colors but remember to limit the dosage. For example, you can have your space painted in a muted color palette but have a rich navy-blue sofa as the focal point. This helps break up the monotony of the neutral wall colors. You can also add a pop of color with an accent piece such as decorative pillows or cushions.

3. Wood on white
A wood on white look is an often seen in minimalist homes. Nothing screams minimal like the look of bare, unfinished wood. Wood helps accentuate the natural feel and environment of the apartment. Remember to keep the carpentry simple with clean lines and straight wood grain patterns. Incorporate furniture in muted cream and wood tones to give your space a warm, live-in vibe. You can also consider adding wooden shelves that run across a neutral or white wall. The straight-lines of the wood shelf running across the wall adds a simple yet interesting graphic element to an otherwise dull neutral space.

4. Wide open spaces
Empty spaces speak as loudly as d├ęcor and is considered an important element in minimalist design. Space interacts with the objects in it and defines the look of the space. Clean, wide and open spaces allow the architecture, furniture and materials that make up your space room to breathe. It acts to amplify the presence (or absence) of the furniture in your room. It is one of the simplest, and cheapest, ways to impart a minimalist feel to your home. Consider minimizing the use of doors and walls so as not to disrupt the flow of your space. Think about replacing your traditional walls and doors with swinging doors or wall panels that can fold out of sight when you want a bigger space and be put right back when you need privacy.

5. Clean lines and flat surfaces
One of the defining features of a minimalist home is clean defined lines. Choose furniture pieces with flat surfaces and straight lines. For example, incorporate pieces such as a low-lying rectangular sofa, or a wide-berth square coffee table.

6. Declutter and edit
Minimalism means saying goodbye to clutter. To be able to accomplish that, you will need to be ruthless in editing what you have on display on your available surfaces. This doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of the things you own. Rather, stick to the essentials by displaying only the most important things and have the rest in storage in cupboards and cabinets safely out of sight. Extend this thought to your furniture. Keep everything to a minimal and only incorporate what you need. Eliminate any other furniture that does not serve a purpose.

7. Play with textures
Play around with pieces with different textures to break up the monotony of a monochrome or restrained color scheme. This gives your space some visual interest. For example, though your bedroom may be executed in white and pale gray, accents and details such as a quilted duvet or furry throw can make your room come alive. Even your wooden floors can add a textural story to your minimal space.

8. Lighten up
Light and rightness are your good friends. Let the right pour in with large unadorned bare windows. If privacy is an issue to you, you can thin, flowy curtains to up the lux factor. For places that lack sunlight, consider adding good lighting to your space to emulate the feel of natural light.

Hope these tips help in creating your ideal cosy home.

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  1. Declutter and Lighten Up will certainly adds up to the coziness of a room. But I am bad in decluttering hahaha

  2. 4,5,8 tu aida berkenan.
    and rasa nyer utk rumah baru, nak buat gitu kot.
    bila minima ni, aida rasa lebih ok dan santai. less is more.
    no 8 is the most important element yg aida amik kira.
    lampu yg sesuai. langsir. kebetulan rumah aida tu hall nyer penuh dgn tingkap :) hi hi hi

  3. Saya pun suka idea minimalis ni.

    Saya ni orang yang tak suka serabut.

    Jadi simple is better la kot.

    Simple pun boleh asalkan cukup kegunaannya.

  4. Good tips and info for me because next time I plan to renovate my new house hehehehe.. Saya paling suka style wood and white...

  5. I love the minimalis look for home. Make it simple cos I also kids that always make things happening so everything should be minimal..haha

  6. Yes, the interioir design nowadays is very minimalist. I also believe that being minimalist is a great choice to look classy and elegance. Monochrome color is defintely daboom !

  7. Alaaaaaa info dan tips dah seronok. Gambar pula tak banyak. Baru nak mencari idea susun atur. Akak suka minimalis. Lepas tu semua jenis perabot dan almari kena ada ruang bawah supaya senang nak sapu rumah dan mop lantai. Hahaha

  8. I love it best when the monochrome is combined with wide space...that's basically like my goals for my new home....I always homes that rock the monochrome factor very well..

  9. How I wish I can get my own house as soon as possible where I can not only have my own space, but also decorating it with my own, minimalist style. And this will definitely be a good reference! Thank you for sharing this!

  10. I suka minimalis juga. Tapi rumah ada anak kecil ni, nak letak banyak perabot macam high risk untuk budak-budak tu.. tunggu dah besar nanti boleh nak buat rumah cantik-cantik

  11. Sis paling tak suka rumah yang sarat dengan perabut sana sini..nampak serabut sangat. Biar simple aje, senang nak kemas dan nampak bersih aje rumah

  12. Memang failed kalau bab menghias rumah. Kena belajar banyak dan cari info kalau nak decorate rumah. Dah dapat rumah sendiri barulah sernok nak menghias bagai. Konsep dan style minimal kini popular..senang nak kemas tak payah serabut2.

  13. Saya selalu suka melihat konsep rumah model minimalist kayak gambar ini. Interior dan eksteriornya suka banget. Gampang ngaturnya dan tak luas pula dibersihkan.

  14. Many people live minimalist nowadays s it is much more easier to manage to the home. Not only that, it is also save a lot of cost in renovation. Great tips and sharing...

  15. Mmg kalau nak jadi minimalis ni kena selalu declutter...yg yak perlu kena ke tong sampah..tapi tu la yang paling susah nak buat...hahahha

  16. wah bagus info-info ni thanks for the sharing sis. mudah nanti nak rujuk kalau nak deco rumah sendiri

  17. Wow I love minimalist and contemporary design, less is always more. I love white and clean design plus declutter coz too many things makes me feel suffocated.

  18. Hmm...cantik2 semuanya blhlah jd rujukan utk kak nk repai rumah nti

  19. konsep minimalis ni gee in love sungguh! tapi nak mendeko itu adalah satu cabaran sebab tak reti mendeko! Hahaha

  20. Konsep minimalis my fvourite!! simple... x sepah.. x serabut.. just nice :D

  21. Love minimalist concept, but very bad at de-cluttering. Mcm ya?