Monday 6 August 2018

How to Choose Flowers to Give to Male Teachers

Hi everyone,
Guys love flowers too!

Today I am going to share some tips on how to choose flowers to give to male teachers.

It was believed that men have always loved flowers. Accordingly, they give flowers to women they love because they love flowers themselves. However, with the trends changing, modern society has redefined the tradition that only women like flowers and that these materials are too feminine for men.
That is not the case in many Asian countries, especially for male teachers. Whatever type of flowers that is given to them and when the present is coming for their students, they treasure every petal of it.

for male teachers
Choice one...

However, undeniably, a hand bouquet with red and pink flowers with accents of baby’s breath are, indeed, too feminine for a male receiver. Therefore, if you plan to give flowers to your male teachers, understand what color and design is best to give to make up a great present.

Flower types carry some symbols and red roses are always bringing love and passion. Instead of giving your male teacher, a bouquet of red flowers that are usually sold in flower delivery Singapore; you can give him a single stemmed red rose. You can even get those with dark red shade. Adding a simple note on how grateful you are for his passion in teaching you and your class, your least favorite subject can add to the sweetness of your gesture.

A fruit basket with flowers added to the package is also a great choice for older male teachers. Of course, fruits are for all genders. The choosing of the colors of the flowers to add depends on the colors of fruits in the basket. Flowers with small florets and lots of greens are great options as they are only used as ornaments and not the main gift items.

For Male Teachers

In many Asian countries, students get a Chocolate hamper delivery and then fill the container with various types of flowers and they give them to both male and female teachers. It all comes down to the design of the gift. They do not have specific choices of the colors of the petals, but they based their choices on their chosen design. They even used flowers to form different characters. Some students form a “bell” with all the chrysanthemums on it with the colors white and yellow. Some are forming Mickey Mouse for male teachers and Hello Kitty for females – all made of beautiful florets.
Just be creative with your work of art as present to your male teacher. Express flower delivery service can give you different ideas and poke your imagination for a wonderful present you can make.

Hope these tips helps! 



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